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Online Exercise Classes

Can't make the classes due to self-isolation or personal reasons? We are running online classes to cater for those who cannot physically come into our clinic. Run by a qualified Physiotherapist in small groups.  

Seen from behind fit sports woman in fit

How does it work? and why online?

We use Zoom to run these classes. You will be joined live by a Physiotherapist in your designated class time. The therapist will be able to correct your technique and help you exercise in the correct way. It will be just like being in the clinic but you are in fact in the comfort and safety of your home with a Physiotherapist overlooking your workouts. So you can be reassured that the exercises are safe and effective. Please inquire within and we will be able to organise a time for you. Online booking is available. 

Before you begin the classes you will need to do a 45minute online or in person initial assessment with our therapist. If you wish to continue with our studio classes you will need to do an additional 3 classes to learn how to operate the machines. 

You will have an Initial Assessment 

with one of our Physiotherapist online or in person

We will contact you

to help you securely

login to our classes.

Enjoy the classes in

the comfort of your home! Simple as that

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