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Do you have a sharp or pinching pain in your shoulder?

Have you heard of shoulder impingement? It’s a common shoulder condition that affects both sedentary and active people. Symptoms can include:

  • Pain reaching up overhead or reaching up the back

  • Pain lifting light or heavy objects towards or above shoulder height

  • Pain when sleeping on the painful shoulder

  • Weakness

What is shoulder impingement?

It occurs when tendons or bursa become impinged under bones in the shoulder. This can cause inflammation of the tendon (tendonitis/tendinosis) or bursa (bursitis), or both. This can cause sharp pain with shoulder movements. If left untreated, this can cause the rotator cuff tendons to gradually thin and tear.

Who is at risk of shoulder impingement?

  • Sports such as weight lifting, swimming, tennis, or other overhead sports

  • Occupations requiring repetitive overhead activities such as painting or cleaning

  • Desk jobs; related to postural dysfunction developed over time

How can we treat your shoulder?

Treatment for shoulder impingement is non-surgical. One of our experienced therapists will assess your shoulder and determine the right treatment for you. Treatment must be individualised as several factors need to be taken into account. Treatment generally involves improving posture, strengthening, and improving coordination. Improvements can be supplemented by use of anti-inflammatory drugs or using ice/heat to manage pain and flare-ups.

Surgery for shoulder impingement has been shown to be no more effective than sham surgery, or no treatment at 12 months follow up.

If you would like more information please consult one of our Physiotherapist who can help you!

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