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What is ITB Friction Syndrome?

Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) is a common condition that occurs especially in runners, cyclists and it's aggravated by any activities that may require squatting and bending the knee. The ITB is a thick tendinous sheet that runs from the top of the pelvis inserting below the knee. It plays an important role in transmitting forces from pelvis to the knee as well as stabilising the knee cap. However, it may become overractive through a lack of strength in the gluteal muscles causing it to become shortened or "tight". This means the bottom part of the band attaching below the knee can start rubbing on the lower aspect of the thigh bone causing pain and clicking.

Symptoms include:

  • Painful stinging sensation of the knee especially on the outside above the knee joint

  • Clicking of the knee on the outside above the knee joint

  • Pain during sport such as running, squatting

What can cause ITBFS

  • Weak/ poorly activating Abductors (basically your buttock muscle!)

  • Tight Iliotibial Band

  • Feet rolling in - poor foot biomechanics

  • Bowed legs

How we can help you

It is important to establish the cause of the problem in order to prevent any future aggravations. At Physio Room Pymble our experienced Physiotherapist will be able to assess what is contributing to the problem and provide hands on therapy as well as appropriate exercise prescription to fix you!

Call Physio Room Pymble 02) 8065 1970 to consult our therapist


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