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Pre-Pointe Assessment

Ready to take your ballet to the next level?

At Physio Room our Physiotherapists and podiatrists can conduct a full physical assessment to determine whether you are suitable to enrol into full-time dancing. This will involve assessing your strength, range of motion, agility and mobility associated with executing the movement patterns. 


We also conduct Pre-pointe assessments to determine whether your child is able to progress to pointe. Our Physiotherapist will assess the range of motion, strength, proprioception of the ankle/foot as well as pelvic and knee alignment to ensure your child is able to cope with the next stage of their ballet career and become the great dancer they aspire to be one day. Following the assessment we will advise a suitable exercise program and provide any treatments if required. 


Your Physiotherapist will work closely with your dance teacher to prevent any future injuries.


Call us at 8065 1970 to make a visit to our Room

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