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Looking for a Physiotherapist led Exercise class using Pilates equipment as part of the treatment? 

At Physio Room Pymble we have a fully equipped Rehabilitation studio including the Cadillac (Trapeze table), Reformer, Barrel, Wunda Chair, Spine corrector, running machine and free weights. Our Physiotherapist can help increase your core stability, posture, flexibility, balance and body awareness using a variety of equipment.

We steer away from the "one-size-fits-all" programs incorporating a combination of Pilates derived and evidence based Functional exercises to maximise the outcome. This is what sets us apart from other studios. 

You will receive individual attention from our Physiotherapist as well as in-depth assessment and analysis using our expert knowledge.

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What we offer at Physio Room

  • Private (1 Instructor:1 Client) classes

  • Semi-Private classes (1 Instructor: max 4 clients) 

  • Pre- and post- natal classes

  • Online exercise classes

1:1 Initial Assessment

with a Physiotherapist 

1:1 Private classes to learn principles and how to use our equipment 

1:1 Private 

individualised sessions with a Physio 




What is Pilates?


Pilates is an exercise discipline invented by Joseph Pilates in the 20th Century a keen gymnast and athlete who dedicated his whole life improving his health as he suffered from asthma and rheumatoid conditions. Pilates adopted six principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing. Today, it is widely used around the world as an effective form of exercise to increased core strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness.

How do our sessions work?

You will come in for two 1:1 one hour sessions where the Physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your goals, body strength, flexibility, health/fitness/medical history. The Physiotherapist will then develop a personalised program for you.


On both of your introductory sessions our Physiotherapist will teach you how to use our Pilates equipment correctly using the right muscle groups. These sessions will be very informative and detailed, learning about the core and biomechanics of your body.

After your have completed these steps you can choose to continue with the Private sessions especially for those with complex history and further care or you may join our Semi-Private sessions which is conducted by a Physiotherapist with no more than 4 participants. Everyone will work on their individualised program under the Physio's supervision.

Our timetable

Our class times is subject to change depending on demand. Please inquire within to find out more about our class times. Generally speaking classes are run everyday.

Call Physio Room Pymble at 02) 8065 1970 to book your Initial Assessment online

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